The Premiere Plasma Experience

The Chakra® operating system is a community-developed GNU/Linux distribution with a focus on KDE and Qt software, utilizing a unique half-rolling release model that allows users to enjoy the latest versions of the Plasma desktop and their favorite applications on top of a periodically updated system core.

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Plasma by KDE

A continuously updated Plasma desktop.

Bleeding edge applications

The latest versions of your favorite applications.

Stable core

A periodically updated core system provides stability.

One-time installation

Set up your system once, and you will receive all the latest changes by keeping it updated.


Our live media features a bootable environment that allows you to try out the system before installing it.

File size 2.06 GiB
Linux 4.12.4
Frameworks 5.38
Plasma 5.10.5
Applications 17.08.1
MD5 3f12d2e658835b31939c75e21fb71004
SHA1 9d86f81f87e192d56ccf48d2e6d982b6d3f92f3b

You can also download the live media via HTTP from one of our mirrors:


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