Chakra 2016.02 "Ian"

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Size2.1 GiB
MD5 checksumaf9680bcb5d8245aeb05cfde4404c6cf
SHA1 checksumca791164556549b7a8632dc01199c283f4580f1d

Have in mind

  • Chakra ISO images do not support unetbootin and DVDs need to be burned at a speed no higher than 4×. To create reliable installation media, please follow the instructions on our wiki.
  • There are limitations in detecting hybrid cards. Even if you choose to boot using non-free drivers, you will still be using the free drivers. To workaround this try installing the free drivers and then switch manually. For Nvidia cards, you should install Bumbleebe.
  • The Calamares installer does not yet support
  • If you are installing in VirtualBox and experience graphical glitches, please disable 3D acceleration.